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Welcome to B-Lab!

Welcome to our behavioral lab (b-lab). Our b-lab is co-founded by Mr. Sheng Yan at GEC Academy and Dr Yeun Joon Kim at Cambridge Judge Business School. We are very excited to collaborate with students at GEC Academy. Your participation in the research will be of great importance for us to understand organizational behavior in organizations and help researchers and practitioners build a better work environment. At the same time, we believe that you will have great opportunities to learn academic research by participating in our social experimental studies. In what follows, we would like to provide a brief overview of some of our experiments that will be available in late 2021. For more information, please feel free to contact our lab managers. 

Task Transition Study

The goal of this study is to examine the performance of different individuals on different type of tasks (e.g., problem-solving task, decryption task). You will be asked to work on several tasks and answer some questions about yourself.

Mock Job Application Study

In this study, we explore how different people describe their leadership styles when applying for a job. To make it more realistic and engaging, we will present you with a real job posting of a leader position, and you will be asked to prepare a resume and a cover letter for that position. As an additional perk, this mock job application experience could give you some sense of job markets in English-speaking countries.

Leadership Preference Study

What we aim to understand in this study is your preference for leaders. What are some characteristics and behaviors you would like to see in a leader? You will be randomly asked to do one of the following tasks if you participate: 1) express your preferences on leadership styles by answering a questionnaire, 2) write a short paragraph to describe the leaders you find effective, and 3) select from a pool of words or phrases that depict effective leaders.

Why Should I Participate?

Students participating in any of the experiments will enjoy the following benefits:

(1) Debriefing Zoom Meeting: After each experiment is completed, the researchers will invite the students to a large Zoom meeting where the researchers debrief the experiment (e.g., hypothesis, methodology, and findings of the experiment). In addition, students will have the opportunity to interact with Dr. Yeun Joon Kim and/or his PhD students. You may ask questions about the experiments you have participated as well as questions regarding academic life.

(2) Participation Confirmation Letter: Each participant will receive a confirmation letter after participating in the experiment.

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