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Drawing on GEC Academy’s strengths in project-based learning curriculum design, local student recruitment and practical education service experience, and the world-class faculty network affiliated, ASI Global, a not-for-profit organization, was launched earlier in 2021 to unite our expertise with an industry-wide interest in the revolutionary approach to explore effective innovative talent training models with international vision, global competence and intellectual readiness for the future.

Our Story

GEC Academy was founded in 2016 by a group of young scholars who have both learning experience in China and western countries. They personally saw and experienced the outstanding differences between educational approach used by different countries with distinct cultures and started to wonder how they could contribute to the future of international education in China. The founders decided to help Chinese high school and college students prepare for undergraduate and graduate training at top universities by providing online and on-site project-based learning (PBL) programs, which is a non-traditional learning approach in China.  GEC started with only several research programs and faculties; five years from its founding time, GEC has served over 30,000 students and established cooperative relationships with more than 100 colleges and universities and more than 100 international schools. 

Now, with the abundant education resources we have, we wonder what we can do more for this field. We decide to take more responsibilities to only focus on the cultivation of the comprehensive abilities that students need for further studies either in their own country or abroad, but also concentrate on cultivating international talents and interdisciplinary talents with global competence required by enterprises and society. In the post-epidemic era, we desire to carry out more exploration and practice for the development of international education, innovative education, to better serve our students and partners.

Our Mission


ASI Global strives to be a force for change. We aim to make contributions to the innovative curriculum design for future talent fostering in higher education, explore and discover modern and effective concept models of international collaboration in higher education and international research collaboration in general. We seek to advance innovation in education with the application of education technology.

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