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  • The Financial Statement Analysis of Johnson and Johnson
    Abstract: Johnson & Johnson is a group of companies that manufactures healthcare products, medical devices, and pharmaceuticals, and has a 100-year history of being a leader in the pharmaceutical industry. Johnson & Johnson has always had a good reputation, but the previous year Johnson & Johnson suffered a large amount of product recalls. The original company's products did not meet the quality requirements and the hygiene conditions of the manufacturing process were not up to scratch. As a result, Johnson & Johnson's reputation has suffered greatly and the company's overall earnings have been affected, in recent years, a global pandemic of Covid-19 has led to the announcement of another halt to Johnson & Johnson's vaccine production. This essay will therefore examine whether these turmoils that have hit Johnson & Johnson have had a negative impact on Johnson & Johnson's financial situation over the last five years by calculating and analyzing the company's financial ratio. Through the analysis of the data and financial ratios obtained, Johnson & Johnson's overall profits have been on the rise in recent years due to its excellent marketing and management strategies. It is a worthwhile company for investors to invest in. However, in the long run, if Johnson & Johnson does not find a way to address the damage to its reputation and improve the quality of its products to increase consumer trust in the brand, then the value of Johnson & Johnson will still be on a downward slope. ACCESS FULL TEXT
  • Correlation between Types, Precision and Accuracy of Management Earnings Forecasts
    Abstract: This paper examines the impacts of the types and precision of management earnings forecasts (hereafter as MEFs) on the accuracy of MEFs of listed companies in China. The empirical results show that compared with voluntary disclosure, mandatory disclosure has higher accuracy. In addition, the higher the precision of the company's MEFs, the more accurate the information contained in the MEFs, the higher the accuracy of the MEFs. The conclusion of this paper enriches the influencing factors of accuracy of company MEFs, which not only helps investors to make investment decisions, but also provides a theoretical basis for regulatory authorities to formulate regulatory policies. ACCESS FULL TEXT
  • Inheritance and Update of Chinese Traditional Windows in Landscape Architecture
    Abstract: Chinese Architecture has a long history, which makes Chinese buildings more than shelters. Chinese traditional windows are just like buildings, having more meaningful contents. They have very high cultural and artistic significance. However, nowadays, when the word “window” is mentioned, most people regard it as a structure used for letting in the natural light. Chinese traditional windows are gradually replaced by modern windows, especially after the 1980s, for traditional windows are somehow not satisfied with the demands of modern life. After the reform and opening, China has learned the technology of modern windows made of aluminum alloy from Europe, the United States, Japan, and other developed countries. As a result, the cultural connation of Chinese traditional windows art in landscape architecture is disappearing. To inherit traditional Chinese windows in landscape architecture, Chinese architects need to update traditional Chinese windows by using modern materials, techniques, and methods. The first part of this article discusses the main physical elements of traditional Chinese windows of landscape architecture. The second part of this article discusses the cultural connotation of Chinese traditional windows art of landscape architecture. The last part of this article discusses how to use new materials and technology to retain and update some parts of traditional windows that are of great significance in Chinese traditional windows art of landscape architecture. And there are three main approaches. Firstly, use WPC to replace traditional wood, which has better properties and keeps the feelings and cultural connation brought by wood. Secondly, use fewer materials and simple shapes to simplify traditional windows bars to make them suitable for modern life. Thirdly, rethink the design of windows and design the windows and the landscape as a whole. In the future, the new Chinese windows of landscape architecture will be popular all over the country again. ACCESS FULL TEXT
  • The Production and Reception of the Two Adapted Versions of Manhunt
    Abstract: Japanese hard-romantic detective novelist Juko Nishimura’s representative work, Manhunt (Kimiyo funnu no kawa wo watare), was adapted twice in history: Junya Sato’s You Must Cross the River of Wrath/Manhunt in 1976 and John Woo’s Manhunt in 2017. This article analyzes the differences between the two films based on filmmaking skills and text analysis and compares the reception of the two films in terms of box office and criticism from a cross-cultural perspective. It finds out that the 1976 Japanese version, which faithfully respects the dominant role of the novel author in the story, brings great Japanese cultural power to China, while the 2017 version, a multinational co-produced film that embodies the film director’s authorship, fails to achieve cross-cultural reception. Thus, the article is useful to provide a reference for the cross-cultural adaptation of classic literary works. ACCESS FULL TEXT
  • Recent Advances in DNA Biosensors
    Abstract: Traditional DNA sequencing technologies are complicated and expensive, which greatly hinders its application. With the development of DNA biosensors, different biosensors based on different mechanisms have been put into use in DNA sequencing, biomacromolecule detecting and many other fields. In this review, three different kinds of biosensing methods including solid-state nanopores, fluorescent biosensors and electrochemical biosensors, will be given respectively. Specifically, their advantages, mechanism, applications and existing problems are discussed in detail. And also, prospects for future development will be outlined in this paper. FULL TEXT
  • Safety Assessment of Electronic Cigarettes and Their Relationship with Cardiovascular Disease
    Abstract: Electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes) are sometimes considered as an adjunct to quitting smoking, and the number of people using e-cigarettes among young people and adults is increasing rapidly. Both animal models and human studies have demonstrated that e-cigarette, especially nicotine, is closely associated with cardiovascular diseases. However, there is not that much research focus on the mechanism of how e-cigarettes affect cardiovascular disease. Some studies have demonstrated that the content of e-cigarette, especially nicotine and flavouring additive may result in cardiovascular disease due to damage in the endothelium. The relationship between e-cigarette usage and hypertension has been nearly confirmed, which might be the potential cause of other cardiovascular diseases. This review aims to summarize the trends and existing scientific information on the use of e-cigarettes, focusing on potential cardiovascular health risks and benefits, characteristics related to the use of e-cigarettes, and key areas for future research. FULL TEXT
  • The Application of BH-3 Only Mimetics in Tumor Therapy
    Abstract: Tumors are divided into benign and malignant, and the further development of malignant tumors becomes cancer. In recent years, the number of deaths from cancer worldwide increasing rapidly. To better fight cancer, targeted therapy is a more precise method. Among them, BH-3 only protein is a representative protein for targeted therapy. BH-3 only protein is a BCL-2 family protein with only one BH domain and acts as a pro-apoptotic protein to regulate cell apoptosis. Different BH-3 only proteins have different binding options with anti-apoptotic proteins in the BCL-2 family. BH-3 only protein has an excellent performance in inhibiting cancer cells, and the research of BH-3 only mimics is constantly updated. This paper will introduce drug research on tumor treatment by studying the effects of targeted BH-3only mimics and expanding drugs’ development for its related family proteins. FULL TEXT
  • Application of different approaches to increase the sensitivity of electrochemiluminescence biosensor for microRNA detection
    Abstract: The detection of microRNA is growing a hotpot using electrochemiluminescence (ECL) biosensors. The mechanism of ECL biosensors can be divided in three parts, which is ion annihilation process, coreactant process and hot electron-induced cathodic process. Based on such mechanism, the approaches to increase the sensitivity of ECL biosensors, including catalyzed hairpin assembly, hybridization chain reaction and nitrogen doped carbon quantum dots has been introduced. ECL-based biosensing is a novel detection method, allowing it to present broad applications in diverse fields of biochemistry. FULL TEXT
  • Polymeric Micelles: Morphology, Synthesis, and Pharmaceutical Application
    Abstract: Polymeric micelles (PMs) are nanosized core-shell molecules formed by the self-assembly of amphiphilic block copolymers. Their unique morphologies, and biocompatibility have allowed them to serve as drug carriers and have found wide applications in the pharmaceutical industry. This review summarizes the recent progress of PM development and its applications in the pharmaceutical field. Firstly, we discussed the fundamentals of polymeric micelles, the formation mechanism, and their relative morphologies. Then we listed various common synthetic methods, including the solvent-free method, solvent-switch method, microfluid method, etc. Secondly, we illustrated the application of polymeric micelles in pharmaceutical applications on targeting, imaging, and stimuli-responsive drug release. In the end, we summarize the fundamental aspect of how to prepare polymeric micelles, their resulting morphology, and their applications in the medical field. Finally, we provide insights into polymeric micelles’ future developments on their longer shelf life and better environmental adaptability. FULL TEXT
  • Selective Gas Adsorption and Separation of Carbon Dioxide in Metal-organic Frameworks and Composites
    Abstract: The development of improving energy efficiency and developing clean energy is relatively slow, so the efficient separation and storage of carbon dioxide (CO2) gas using some porous materials such as metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) has attracted much attention. This paper mainly focuses on current research and development on carbon dioxide adsorption in MOFs. Initially, the traditional synthesis methods and the new MOF methods in recent years and the activation methods that improve the shortcomings of new methods are all reviewed. Besides, pristine MOFs with adjusting the ligands are also introduced because it is considered an alternative to enhance the adsorptive performance. Furthermore, MOFs incorporated with graphite oxide, carbon nanotubes, activated carbon, zeolites, and ionic liquids to construct composite materials and apply in CO2 are also summarized. Finally, the expectation of this application is also presented. FULL TEXT
  • On the Experiment and Design of Tachi-Miura Polyhedron’s Radial Load-bearing Capacity
    Abstract: Recent research has yet to note the structural performance of the radial direction. This paper experimentally verified the factors influencing the TMP's radial load-bearing capacity and designed the new intermediate layer patterns for the radial extension. The methodology first assumed the axial motion of TMP as the approaching among sections. Based on the analysis, the relationship among the parameters was revealed according to the experiments, which marked the TMP as a high-performance structure. The results proved the positive correlation between the axial pre-compression and the radial load-bearing capacity where the folding angle has reached the value range of the self-locking state. The new intermediate layer patterns were correspondingly designed to substantiate the hypothesis regarding the specific parts. The overlapped triangular facets and the concave vertex have enhanced the radial load-bearing capacity. The combination of the relevant parameters and the spatial attributes expands the application scope of the TMP configuration. FULL TEXT
  • Structural Design and Seismic Analysis of Connecting Corridor in High-rise Buildings
    Abstract: With the development of the society, the demand on high-rise buildings has increased remarkblly due to some reasons. Meanwhile, connected corridor structure become a popular design on high-rise buildings which allow different towers to be linked. Due to the complexity of the structure system, it is necessary to indicate the existing issues and the approaches to deal with them or reduce the effect. By reviewing various papers, several conclusions have been drawn. Steel truss is the most efficiency composition of both structure and material in bearing loads, where flexible connection are more likely to be applied with it and has the greatest ability in against the seismic effect. FULL TEXT
  • Exploring a Reinforcement Learning Agent with Improved Prioritized Experience Replay for a Confrontation Game
    Abstract: Deep Q-network (DQN) is used successfully in dealing with many reinforcement learning situations and challenging tasks with real-world complexity. The current limits are the unacceptable training time to obtain satisfactory results like a human. In order to address this obstacle, this paper proposes a new reinforcement learning strategy. This paper focuses on the confrontation game environment for two players with sparse reward and no direct hindsight reward function, and no fixed goals. According to some strategies, the algorithm can put them into reinforcement learning with reward functions and replay to give the abilities to judge in the middle of the games as references. To demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed strategy, a new game is designed. The fence game is a confrontation game for two players; one tries their best to fence the other one in Die Now. The custom environment of this game will give the only reward functions at the end: win, lose or draw. In conclusion, these factors include performance, and results proved that 1) Prioritized Experience Replay with Dynamic Hindsight reward function (DH-PER) and 2) Prioritized Experience Replay with Dynamic Hindsight reward function and Sharing (DHS-PER) both let the RL agents converge more quickly. ​ ACCESS FULL TEXT
  • A Game Recommendation Method Based on Machine Learning
    Abstract: The emergence and popularity of the Internet have brought users a large amount of information to meet their information needs. Still, the rapid development of the Internet has brought about a significant increase in the amount of online information, making it impossible for users to obtain the part of the information that is useful to them. The efficiency of using information has been reduced instead. This is when a recommender system is needed to recommend the content of interest to users based on their information. Any website or platform has its own independent recommender system, and collaborative filtering is one of the traditional recommender algorithms. This paper uses steam’s users’ data to cluster and label separately to create four different collaborative filtering game-recommender models based on historical purchases, game time, and the relationship between items. They then compare their advantages and disadvantages to determine which model is more suitable for game recommender systems. ​ ACCESS FULL TEXT
  • AI Color Organ: Piano Music Visualization using Onset Detection and HistoGAN
    Abstract: The music visualization algorithm described in this study allows users to construct piano audio files using imported image files. This paper contributes to previous studies and designs of sonification by highlighting the effectiveness of utilizing onset detection in creating intuitive sonic changes. The audio-visual correspondences employed in this study could be expanded to many other syntheses and sample manipulation techniques. Translating visual information into sonic changes could yield many creative applications in music production, as it offers musicians a simultaneously optical and auditory production experience. This approach to audio manipulation also increases the unpredictability of the sound output, which could be appealing to experimental musicians seeking to control sounds with the visual structure of artworks that they enjoy, as opposed to precise parameters. It is looking forward to seeing creative implementations of the techniques in audio-visual artworks, music production tools, and interactive multimedia systems. These results shed light on guiding further exploration of AI composing. ACCESS FULL TEXT
  • Application of Artificial Intelligence in Playing Cards
    Abstract: Artificial intelligence has invaded into fields of chess playing with the weapon of supervised, deep and reinforcement learning. However, the problem whether artificial intelligence could qualify for the incomplete information system such as playing cards is still open. Efforts have made towards numerous games all of which have professional experience, so it remains the problem of developing a system from scratch without human’s help. In this study, a model combining the Monte-Carlo method and decorated self-Reinforcement Learning was proposed to tackle such problem. To be more specific, a card game called "Zhengshangyou" was chose to verify the proposed method. It requires two players competing each other with a pack of card including the Jokers. In addition, the rules of this game and the designed Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithm are presented and explained in this study to provide a clear mechanism. The method has promising through theoretical and experimental analysis. ACCESS FULL TEXT
  • Disaster Detector on Twitter Using Bidirectional Encoder Representation from Transformers with Keyword Position Information
    Abstract: Deep learning, as one of the most currently remarkable machine learning techniques, has achieved great success in many applications such as image analysis, speech recognition, and text understanding. This work aims to make use of the bidirectional encoder representation from transformers (BERT) model to a particular problem in our real life, detecting disaster on Twitter. Specifically, we first validate the practicability of BERT in disaster detection, and then improve the model practicability by extracting keyword information to classify the text. The experimental results show that our method achieves a more accurate prediction of texts announcing a disaster compared to the models without keyword position information. The result of this research will be helpful in monitoring and tracking social media content and in discovering how people's descriptions of disasters are like. Z. Wang, T. Zhu and S. Mai, "Disaster Detector on Twitter Using Bidirectional Encoder Representation from Transformers with Keyword Position Information," 2020 IEEE 2nd International Conference on Civil Aviation Safety and Information Technology (ICCASIT, 2020, pp. 474-477, doi: 10.1109/ICCASIT50869.2020.9368610.
  • Epidemic Case Prediction of COVID-19: Using Regression and Deep based Models
    Abstract: COVID-19, as an international concern of public health emergency, carries the property of high death and infection rates. Researchers need to give an accurate prediction of the daily increase in COVID-19. Though the 2002-2003 SARS breakout provides prescient guidance for these issues, there exist two bottlenecks. First, traditional models that are popular during the SARS period are not able to fit the trend of COVID-19 and predict the cases effectively. Second, the worldwide spreading of COVID-19 also causes the traditional model to fail its function. In this study, we apply several regression models and deep based models for prediction of the COVID-19 pandemic. We perform L1-norm to compute feature-selection; besides, we also introduce SIR, SEIR models to improve our model accuracy. Then, we measure the accuracy of models by Mean Squared Error(MSE). This study concludes that the SEIR model is the best model with the highest performance among the tested approaches. Y. Bai, "Epidemic Case Prediction of COVID-19: Using Regression and Deep based Models," 2020 2nd International Conference on Machine Learning, Big Data and Business Intelligence (MLBDBI), 2020, pp. 40-45, doi: 10.1109/MLBDBI51377.2020.00015.
  • A Systematic Literature Review of Art Photography on Social Media in the Age of Digital Culture
    Abstract: Social media have achieved a prominent role in people’s daily life. Several art photographers and institutions have created social media accounts in response to the trend nowadays. The development of art photography on social media should be looked into, and the background of digital culture is also critical in analyzing the topic. The method of a literature review is applied with the extensive reading of research articles, literature reviews, and media reports. The main findings are that several art photographers create artworks based upon several issues about social media, such as snapshot, selfie, and identity. Some of these issues are related to popular photography, which reflects the tension between art and popular photography. Art photographers also upload the entire series on social media and interact with the audience. In this way, social media can be seen as a unique medium for art practice, more than a simple exhibition of artworks. Art photography on social media also echoes its history and the age of digital culture. FULL TEXT
  • Application of Visual Interaction Technology in the Process of New Media Information Dissemination
    Abstract: The purpose of this research is to summarize the application of visual interaction technology in the dissemination of information by the media. The rapid development of information technology has caused great changes in the way of information dissemination and realized the integration of vision and new media. It is under this technological background that new media interaction technology has been formed and developed. The development of the new media field has experienced a process from linear advancement to the convergence and integration of digital technology platforms, and the development results of this convergence have also greatly promoted the transformation of people’s lifestyles. This article starts with the connotation and characteristics of new media interactive technology, analyzes the current common new media interactive art communication methods, and discusses the future development trend of new media interactive technology. ​ FULL TEXT
  • The Impact of COVID-19 on Perth House Price - A Machine Learning Perspective
    Abstract: After analyzing suburb information, school-area concentration, subway stations distribution, and 20 other parameters, a machine learning project using Catboost regression is utilized to predict house prices in Perth. To improve the prediction accuracy, a few innovative variables are created, like “Average_area” which indicates the average floor area per bedroom. Simultaneously, several regression algorithms were selected to apply to the model, and Catboost is selected based on a newly designed evaluation method in this research. With the project, using an alternative approach of the Difference-in-Difference (DID) method allows the product to keep the control group as the pre-COVID terms to analyze the impact made by the pandemic to house price market in Perth. The results show that there is no evidence indicating the house prices have been impacted by the pandemic. FULL TEXT
  • Challenge and Opportunity for Development of Start-up in Pet Economy Through E-commerce Channel
    Abstract: This article investigates the economic environment of the pet market in recent years, analyzes the impact of national policies, social development, and the economic environment on the electronic pet industry, focuses on the domestic and foreign development of China’s electronic pet industry, and analyzes the problems existing in the electronic pet industry. Including its response measures. This paper found that the internal competitors of pet e-commerce are mainly the mass and commercialization of the existing platforms, while the supply market and the food market mostly appear. FULL TEXT
  • Factors Affecting Father Involvement in Parenting and Solutions
    Abstract: This review mainly summarizes the influencing factors of fathers' involvement conducted by predecessors and puts forward relevant feasible countermeasures. Based on previous research, the influencing factors are concluded by many aspects, which can be mainly summarized in the following three levels: father characteristics, children characteristics and family factors. It can be specified into father’s socioeconomic status, child’s gender differences, maternal gatekeeping in father involvement, distribution of family power, and family type. It is worth noting that the father's efforts, the influence of other family members, marital relationship, social concepts inherent in the social environment, relevant national policies, and school cooperation will affect the final result of father involvement. Therefore, to truly increase father involvement in childcare, all parties need to recognize that this is not the father's personal business but need to work together to improve the situation. In response to this, we have proposed relevant feasible countermeasures for all parties. FULL TEXT
  • K-12 Science Learning: Designing a Lesson on Nearpod to Teach Projectile Motion
    Abstract: The development of technology has not only brought changes to our lifestyle but also affected our way of thinking. When it comes to education, technology has brought great opportunities to change the way of teaching and learning. Utilizing technology when teaching increases students’ motivation, engagement, and achievement. Furthermore, online learning is common nowadays. Therefore, teachers’ ability to integrate technology into teaching to enhance students’ learning is becoming increasingly important. However, many teachers struggle with effectively using technology to promote students’ learning. In this case, the Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge (TPACK) framework has been widely used to combine the knowledge of content, pedagogy, and technology and support teachers in teaching with technology. This research designs and develops a science lesson for 10th-grade students to learn projectile motion. The lesson is developed on Nearpod, an online teaching platform with abundant technology, and is able to support students’ self-paced learning. The lesson can be divided into eight parts, including pre-assessment, motivational introduction, open inquiry. Each part contains technology-based activities, including interactive games, interactive simulation, Google Docs worksheets. The research takes the lesson as an example to see how technology can be fully integrated into teaching science and analyses how content knowledge, pedagogical knowledge, and technological knowledge are combined to enhance students’ learning based on the TPACK framework. In the end, the research gives suggestions on teachers integrating technology into teaching to promote students’ logical thinking skills, problem-solving ability, and passions for the subject while making sure learning objectives are achieved. ​ FULL TEXT
  • Research on Interdisciplinary Education of Chinese Universities in the Digital Economy
    Abstract: In recent years, in response to the continuous development of the global digital economy, Chinese universities have focused on training "digital+economy" composite talents, constantly developing interdisciplinary education, and exploring new paths and methods. This essay analyzes interdisciplinary education curriculum improvement, teaching method innovation, situational awareness education and evaluation criteria. In the aspect of curriculum improvement, we should integrate two or more subjects' knowledge and thinking modes to promote students' cognitive progress, depending on disciplines, solution of practical problems and research, and focus on the solution of complicated topics or problems and comprehensive understanding. Teaching methods ought to strengthen high-level and comprehensive thinking skills to help students establish a complete knowledge system and more research-based practice projects between different disciplines. Environmental awareness education needs to build a professional development community for teachers, focus on the "renewal" of knowledge, maintain an empty cup mentality and invest in research and cooperation in front of new concepts. In terms of the evaluation system, evaluation standards should be formulated to monitor students' knowledge and ability at different stages and ensure that students reach corresponding standards. FULL TEXT
  • The Study of the Developments of General Education in Chinese and Western Universities
    Abstract: According to relevant literatures, this review paper compares the western and Chinese developments of general education in colleges and universities in the curriculum goal, curriculum setting, teaching practice, organization and management on the similarities and differences. Also, this paper reviews the developments with specific cases, points out the current difficulties faced by the education mode, course system, teachers and the independent innovation ability, which is insufficient. According to the development stage, this paper summarizes the developments of general education in China and its reasons. In addition, it indicates the cultivation objectives, philosophy, curriculum structure, practice mode, evaluation mechanism and other key points that should be paid attention during its implications in China. FULL TEXT
  • The Influence of Parental Warmth and Family Rearing Style on College Students’ Creativity Tendency: The Mediating Role of General Self-Efficacy
    Abstract: Family is the first environment that affects people’s psychological development. In recent years, with people’s attention to education, more and more people began to pay attention to the impact of family upbringing on children’s physical and mental development. People also pay more attention to the impact of family upbringing on children’s creativity and general self-efficacy. The objective of this research is to explore the relationship between parents’ emotional warmth and college students’ creativity tendency, and to examine whether general self-efficacy plays a mediating role. There was a significant positive correlation between emotional warmth and creativity tendency at the level of 0.05. Emotional warmth was positively correlated with creativity tendency at the level of 0.01, and emotional warmth was positively correlated with general self-efficacy at the level of 0.01. There was a significant positive correlation between emotional warmth and general self-efficacy at the level of 0.01. General self-efficacy plays a complete intermediary role in parents’ emotional warm and college students’ creative tendency. In sum, parental affective warmth can affect college students’ creative tendency through general self-efficacy. In this study, there were certain regional restrictions in the selection of samples, and only subjects from Shanghai and Hebei Province were collected. To control the number of questions, most of them were from the simple version of the scale. Future research can improve the above two aspects. More in-depth research can be carried out from this perspective in the future. ​ FULL TEXT
  • The Application of PBL in Primary School Teaching of China
    Abstract: PBL (Problem-Based Learning) model not only meets the requirement of student-centered teaching but also reflects the leading position of teachers. PBL is necessary for teaching Chinese by letting students study foundational knowledge and cultivating students’ emotional accomplishment. Also, it helps develop students’ learning enthusiasm and independent thinking. However, we found that during the practical application process in China, the design of questions was too dull without depth. After solving these problems, students’ cognitive level and life experience were not well-considered, students’ initiative was not well reflected, and group cooperation was too formalized, which did not play a practical role. We put forward some practical measures on these issues by bringing students good to the real situations. Under these situations, problems are designed based on the student’s cognitive level, and group work was divided reasonably for achieving the best outcome. Finally, some of the application of PBL in teaching reading is incomplete and imperfect, which has room for improvement. It is hoped that this review paper can provide some experience and inspire future research to apply PBL in the primary school of China and develop well. FULL TEXT
  • A Review of Pathways to Carbon Neutrality from Renewable Energy and Carbon Capture
    Abstract: The greenhouse gas represented by carbon dioxide is having a negative impact on the earth’s ecology. The goal of carbon neutrality is to reduce carbon emission to zero through complete elimination or dynamic balance. Therefore, achieving the goal of carbon neutrality is conducive to restoring the earth’s ecology and reducing global temperature. The main ways to achieve carbon neutrality include the use of renewable energy to replace fossil energy and carbon capture and sequestration. There is no carbon dioxide involved in the process of renewable energy production, and carbon capture and storage can directly eliminate carbon dioxide. This article reviews the ways to achieve carbon neutrality: the status quo, advantages and disadvantages of renewable energy and carbon capture and sequestration, and analyzes the current development and problems and challenges of carbon neutrality through examples. Zhao, Q. (2021). A Review of Pathways to Carbon Neutrality from Renewable Energy and Carbon Capture. In E3S Web of Conferences (Vol. 245, p. 01018). EDP Sciences.
  • Environmental Impacts and High-Effective Solutions of Invasion of Water Hyacinth
    Abstract: Water hyacinth is a fast growing and floating aquatic plant native to South America. Water hyacinth is extremely invasive and its high reproduction rate causes water pollution, waterway closure, and death of aquatic organisms. Based on past studies linked to water hyacinth invasion, this paper first analyzes the features of water hyacinth and the effects of excessive growth. Then, they synthesize and assess the effective and efficient solutions to the ecological hazard of water hyacinth invasion from the domains of technology, government, human, and enterprises. In terms of technology, they recommend the authorities adopt water hyacinth removal machines that may also be utilized for animal feed production. The adoption of anaerobic methods to convert water hyacinth leaves into biogas for power generation is also appropriate, as is replacing existing traditional herbicide types with novel herbicide structures. The government should strengthen legal restrictions, prohibit commercial water hyacinth trafficking, and minimize industrial wastewater discharge. Finally, the research revealed that these methods may effectively decrease the environmental destruction caused by the water hyacinth invasion. Therefore, people should enhance the treatment of water hyacinth invasion hazards in order to control the ecology of the watershed and minimize wastewater discharge. ​ FULL TEXT
  • Impact of the Paris Agreement on agriculture, energy, and economy
    Abstract: The Paris Agreement is the third important international legal agreement in human history to address climate change, following the 1992 United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change and the 1997 Kyoto Protocol, which influenced the post-2020 global climate governance landscape. Compared with the previous ones, the Paris Agreement is more equitable and feasible. It conveys stronger global willingness in the area of low carbon transition and sets out a clearer global vision in the area of the energy revolution. This article summarizes the key initiatives of the Paris Agreement and also found that Paris Agreement has profound implications for the agriculture sector and energy sectors. By transferring the carbon emitter into the carbon sink and balancing the food security issues and land-based greenhouse gas emission reduction measures, the agriculture sector would contribute considerable efforts to the abatement mission. The energy sector, on the other hand, generally explores the pragmatic patterns of paradigm shift. Without the transformation and upgrading of these two largest greenhouse gas emission sectors, the long-term goal of the Paris Agreement could not be fulfilled, and humankind’s wellbeing would be further undermined. In addition, a critical element of the Paris Agreement, the green finance issue, is discussed. Achieving the Paris Agreement goals needs numerous investments into relevant fields and important players’ collaborations globally. FULL TEXT
  • Pipe Designs of the Closed Feedwater Heater Rankine Cycle Power Plant
    Abstract: How to lower global energy consumption and improve energy conversion efficiency remains a major challenge in the fields of science and technology. Scientists have done tremendous work to save energy. For example, scientists have improved and designed the different parts of heating systems to make it approach the thermal idealized cycle, in order to increase the waste-heat utilization rate and convert heat into other forms of usable energy. After thorough study of the Closed Feedwater Heater (FWH) Rankine Cycle power plant, this paper shows two possible designs to increase energy efficiency: the Cylinder and Sphere Feedwater Heater, and the Pipeline Mini Turbine. Compared with the old system components, they convert steam’s kinetic energy into usable electricity or other forms of energy and reduce the waste of energy caused by temperature differences and circulations. As a result, they increase the heat transfer efficiency between water and steam in the feedwater heater and save more money because of the reused component. Li, M., Luo, H., & Peng, M. (2020, December). Pipe Designs of the Closed Feedwater Heater Rankine Cycle Power Plant. In IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science (Vol. 615, No. 1, p. 012065). IOP Publishing.
  • Impacts of Climate Change on Birds and Measures
    Abstract: The global climate is increasing significantly, and the impact of climate change on biodiversity has become a hot issue. The climatic environment is essential not only for human survival and development but also for the survival and continuation of the entire biological community. As an indicator of the environment, the Birds can reflect ecological changes sensitively, and the merits and demerits of the eco-environment also directly affect the survival of birds. In this article, the major changes in the distribution, migration, breeding, and population size of birds under global warming are summarized. Under the influence of climate change, the distribution of birds shifts to higher latitudes or higher altitudes. The spring migration of birds is earlier than before. Breeding and non-breeding sites are not moving in the same way, and the distribution of birds is gradually decreasing. The spawning period of wild birds is earlier, and bird populations are reduced or even extinct. Finally, this paper proposes some suggestions for coping with climate change by combining domestic and international research experience and practical cases. In the context of global climate change, the international community should attach great importance to climate issues and actively cooperate with each other in compliance with international conventions. Citizens need to increase their awareness of environmental protection. Scientists develop clean energy and pollution control technologies. In the future, we should focus on the impacts of climate change on birds and establish a long-term effective monitoring system. ​ FULL TEXT
  • Impact, Responses and Future Prediction of Climate Change on the Phenology of Jellyfish
    Abstract: Climate variation can be devastating to marine life. This essay mainly focuses on how jellyfish cope with changes in ocean temperature and whether they benefit or are also affected by the population's decline. In terms of whether jellyfish benefit from climate change, this paper focuses on two case studies: the mass propagation of jellyfish in the coastal areas of China and the abundance change of jellyfish in the Bering Sea area. The results conclude that jellyfish are increasing because of climate change. However, for the case study on the decrease of the race caused by the influence of jellyfish, this paper only found that it occurred in Humboldt Current, West Greenland Shelf, and Oyashio Current. Through comparative study, this paper demonstrates that jellyfish mainly benefited from climate variation because overfishing significantly reduced their predators. Critical species of the Marine food chain were transformed into flagellates. Flagellates reduce the oxygen content in the ocean. In addition, the paper found that the mortality of individual jellyfish in the study was increased by ocean acidification due to climate change. The increase in mortality rate is because the jellyfish's reproductive and body functions are greatly affected, leading to higher mortality. This discovery proves that there are still a few jellyfish that could be negatively affected by climate change. As a result, jellyfish, with their simple but adaptable bodies, gradually replaced fish as the dominant creatures in the water. Since studies of jellyfish and their corresponding measures are still scarce, researchers will need more attention to these small and unremarkable creatures in the future. Even in the face of human overfishing, their numbers are still more significant than the correct number. To restore the marine ecosystem balance, scientists must do something to reduce the number of jellyfish in the ocean. ​ FULL TEXT
  • The Comparison Research on the Application of Fama-French Asset Pricing Model in Energy Industry and High-Tech Industry
    Abstract: The development of different asset pricing models can support investors to evaluate the potential returns of listed stocks better. While the capital asset pricing model (CAPM) assumes that stock returns only determined by systemic risk, and Fama-French makes improvements by adding other relative factors to the model. It is essential to consider the different effects of models in various industries, which helps to evaluate investment selection. In this article, energy and high-tech industries are selected to be studied, and three-factor and five-factor models are adopted to run regressions, respectively. Then, the different explanatory abilities of each model between the two industries are compared. The results show that the five factors for the high-tech industry are all significant. In contrast, the profitability factor and the investment style factor are not significant in the energy industry, and are regarded as redundant factors. Therefore, the high-tech industry has high requirements on the profitability and sustainable development ability of enterprises, and the rate of return also fluctuates with these factors accordingly, while the energy industry has little sensitivity to them. Coefficient direction differences suggest that both industries are sensitive to the market factor and high-tech industry have higher growth opportunity. Energy and high-tech industry have their specific characteristic that should be adjusted suitable development strategy. As for investment selection, it’s more appropriate to use the three-factor model to evaluate the energy industry and five-factor model for high-tech. Huang, Z. Q. (2020).The Comparison Research on the Application of Fama-French Asset Pricing Model in Energy Industry and High-Tech Industry. In 2020 Annual Conference on Big Data, IoT, Engineering Management (BDIEM) (pp. 972-978). IEEE.
  • The impact of the US monetary policy on China’s stock market based on SVAR Model
    Abstract: An this paper, we apply the Structure Vector Autoregression (SVAR) model to analyze the impact of U.S. monetary policy on China’s stock market. We selected Shanghai Composite Index as a representative of China’s stock market. Sample period is from 2007 Q3 to 2019 Q3. Empirical results show that there exist strong evidences of spillover effect and Grangercausal relation between the Shanghai Composite Index and U.S. monetary policy. Compared with interest rate, money supply has a deeper influence on the Shanghai Composite Index. Generally, the expansionary monetary policy has a negative influence while the effect of contractionary one is positive. Wang, Z. (2020, November). The impact of US monetary policy on China’s stock market based on SVAR Model. In 2020 2nd International Conference on Economic Management and Model Engineering (ICEMME) (pp. 877-885). IEEE.
  • Portfolio Designed Based on Markowitz Model in Terms of Wine Industry of China
    Abstract: Contemporarily, China's Wine industry has a special social status because of the prevalence of the culture of drinking. Since the 21st century, the Wine industry has flourished, and the stock price has risen sharply, which makes it become the favorite object of plenty of investors. Facing the unexpected COVID-19, the Wine industry recovered and maintained a rising trend immediately after a short blow, showing its strong risk resistance. In order to find the best investment strategy for Wine industry, this paper applies the financial analysis method to screen out stocks worth investing and the Markowitz modelto determine the optimal portfolio as a reference for investors with quantitative analysis. To be specific, several typical stocks in the industry are chosen and the effective frontier is obtained. According to the models, the performances of the optimal case are illustrated and demonstrated. These results shed light on guiding further exploration of Wine industry and other similar industries. FULL TEXT
  • Financial and Marketing Performance of P&G and Unilever
    Abstract: As the idea of environmental protection and CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) is gaining more attention, sustainability is now one of the determinants in assessing whether a company is ethical and has further development potential. Therefore, sustainability analysis is becoming critical for a business nowadays. This research aims to shed light on the financial and marketing performances of two leading companies in the personal care industry – P&G and Unilever, who put much effort into conducting environmentally friendly production and establishing sustainable development plans. This research uses financial statements to analyze the companies’ financial status and comes up with a marketing strategy analysis of the two companies. It also uses SWOT analysis as a tool to reveal their performances generally. Through analysis of their financial and marketing performance, this research concludes that P&G and Unilever are in good financial condition and doing well with their sustainable plans. This paper also provides general and separate suggestions for these two companies in the end. FULL TEXT
  • Why Have Many "Time-Honored Brands" Begun to Take the China-Chic?
    Abstract: This paper discusses why old domestic brands have stepped onto China-chic, taking domestic culture as the focus of publicity and main selling point. We select and discuss three domestic brands, Anta, Li Ning, and Warrior (Huili). From the aspects of policy support, consumption environment, and local brand advantages. Investigating these brands' development and marketing situation in recent years, combined with the current market environment, this paper analyzes why domestic brands go to China chic. We argue that three causes mainly contribute to this China-chic phenomenon, including 1) policy support, 2) changes in the consumption structure, and 3) the transforming strategy of the enterprises. DOWNLOAD THE FULL TEXT HERE
  • Inventing the Barbarians: The Changing Contexts of Yi in the Late Qing Dynasty
    Abstract: This study analyses how the meaning of yi (夷, barbarian) was constructed in different historical contexts at the end of the Qing dynasty, which is important for us to reconsider xenophobia and Sino-centrism both in the past and present. Our study combines contextual with inter-textual reading methods. It places different materials, including missionaries’ works, newspapers, and official documents, in their specific historical contexts and links them to obtain a full picture of this transformation. We argue that yi was invented. Various agents and actors created the connotation of yi to suit their interests. It was transformed by the Qing court from “barbarians” to those who follow Confucianism to justify their rule. Then it was first translated as “foreigners” and later as "barbarians" when Europeans came to China. Our study situates the meaning of yi to help us rethink some of the labels and misconceptions attached to yi and the early missionaries in China. DOWNLOAD THE FULL TEXT HERE
  • The Construction of International Anti-corruption in New Trend – A Perspective from International Organizational Law
    Abstract: Corruption always tends to be a serious problem for every state. With the rapid social, economic, and technological development, corruption is more likely to become globalized. This article focuses on the international anti-corruption organization through case study and literature research, aiming at providing suggestions in order to improve the effectiveness of anti-corruption actions across the world. Shortages are found both in the international anti-corruption agencies and their conventions with respect to the deficient enforcement power and low compulsory constraints. Favorable political will lack in ineffective agencies, which further negatively impact their funding, faculties, specialization, and independence. The conventions are limited due to the legal lag and their soft law nature. Further, two suggestions are proposed: cooperation of international organization and procedural justice in the conventions. Niu, X. (2020). The Construction of International Anti-corruption in New Trend—A Perspective from International Organizational Law. In 2020 4th International Conference on Informatization in Education, Management and Business (IEMB 2020) (pp. 139-144). CSP.
  • Factors Contributing to the Signing of the Abraham Accords
    Abstract: The signing of the Abraham Accords can promote the realization of common interests among countries to a certain extent. However, it may also trigger some conflicts among nations. This paper mainly analyzes the important factors contributing to the signing of the Abraham Accords from three perspectives: (1) the external factors -- the intervention of the US; (2) the internal factors -- the Arab and Israel’s adaptation to the current international situations; (3) other factors -- the impact of COVID-19, the dictatorship of Arab leaders, and the personal political pursuits of the leaders from other nations. In this paper, Classical Realism is used to analyze the interests between countries, and the influence of some political decisions made by relevant state leaders is supplemented by Neo-realism. Additionally, in this paper, Neoliberalism and Constructivism are also employed to analyze the negotiations between national interests, including compromise, containment, and obstruction, as well as how negotiations promote the realization of common interests. It is expected that this paper can be of some reference significance to future research on the interests between nations as well as their cooperation and conflicts in the context of globalization. Yi, B. (2021). Factors Contributing to the Signing of the Abraham Accords. BCP Social Sciences & Humanities, 14, 124–132.
  • Research on the Use of Storytelling in Branding Chinese National Sports Brands
    Abstract: In the context of story marketing becoming the mainstream marketing tool for sports brands, Chinese national sports brands also need to write their own brand stories to improve their competitiveness. Using literature research and case study, this paper analyzes the story marketing of Xstep’s 2020 618 shopping festival and finds the brand stories of Chinese national sports brands. Based on the analysis, Chinese national sports have problems such as lack of continuity, lack of Chinese characteristics, single content and communication channels, and no feedback mechanism. Corresponding solutions are also proposed, including writing a sequel to the story, adding Chinese elements to brand stories, adding special characters that reflect the brand image to enrich the story, making full use of social media, and establishing a consumer feedback mechanism. This paper presents conclusions of general significance based on the analysis of Xstep’s brand stories. It provides a new approach to analyzing and implementing storytelling elements for Chinese national sports brands. FULL TEXT
  • The Research on the Influence of Luckin Coffee Advertisements upon Chinese University Students’ Consumer Behaviors
    Abstract: Luckin Coffee is a recently emerging beverage brand on the Chinese mainland that is well-liked for its affordable but high-quality offerings. The target market for this brand is young people due to its brand positioning as professional, stylish, and youthful. Luckin Coffee sets up plenty of off-line stores and also develops its online business through WeChat applet. It uses a variety of advertising techniques to advertise their products. Concentration is placed on both the choice of the endorser and the location of the advertisement placement. The impact of the promotional approach on students' purchasing decisions in schools is the main topic of this essay. In order to discover the answer, quantitative research is done on university students, who are thought of as a representative of the youth group. The outcome shows that raw coconut latte, which has been heavily promoted through advertisements, is selected by the respondents as the top product. Meanwhile, celebrity endorsement has a significant impact on how people view products. FULL TEXT
  • Analysis the Nature of Logic: the Distinctions Between Logic and Mathematics
    Abstract: The paper aims to explore the distinctions between logic and mathematics. Logic and mathematics have always been important branches of human knowledge, closely related in many ways and with far-reaching consequences in areas such as science, technology and philosophy. Although logic and mathematics have much in common in terms of necessity, universality, a priori and a high degree of abstraction, leading to the belief that the two fields of study are identical, they are essentially two very different disciplines. While they do appear very similar owing to their universal necessity and independence from temporal and spatial constraints, logic and mathematics are, in essence, two very distinct disciplines. They can be strictly differentiated based on their focus and epistemological perspectives. This paper will first explain the fundamental concepts of mathematics and logic, then delve into the two main differences between logic and mathematics, and finally, point out the limitations in the study of mathematics and logic. Hanshi Wang. Analysis the Nature of Logic: The Distinctions Between Logic and Mathematics. CHR (2023) Vol. 5: 417-422. DOI: 10.54254/2753-7064/5/20230343. Access Full Text
  • The Contour Integral Approach to Several Improper Integrals with Hyperbolic Functions
    Abstract: In the field of Complex Analysis, it is acknowledged that Cauchy’s Residue Theorem plays an essential role, which allows the calculation of complex integrals by adding up the residues of singularities in the complex plane. Many mathematicians have developed various theorems out of Cauchy’s Residue Theorem and have solved numerous problems using Cauchy’s Residue Theorem, but there are still a lot more studies needed. Thus, this paper focuses on examining Residue Theorem deeply by introducing singularity point and residue, combining Laurent series and complex integral, and then deducting Cauchy’s Residue Theorem. This paper then concentrates on solving four unique complex integrals to illustrate Cauchy’s Residue Theorem by analyzing the graph of integration, reformatting the integrals, applying theorems or tricks, integrating the reformatted integrals, and simplifying the results. As a result, this paper not only presented a deeper analysis of the deduction of Cauchy’s Residue Theorem, but also presented the solutions towards four previously unsolved complex integrals. The deduction of Cauchy’s Residue Theorem and the four complex analysis problems have important applications for dealing with integrals associated with hyperbolic functions and lead to future research in other areas of mathematics and physics. Liu, P., Ning, Y., Tang, Q., & Zhang, E. (2023). The Contour Integral Approach to Several Improper Integrals with Hyperbolic Functions. Highlights in Science, Engineering and Technology, 49, 326-330. Access Full Text
  • Computer-Aided Intelligent Control of Inlet Air Cooling System in Combined Cycle Power Plant
    Abstract: In a hot climate, the overall efficiency of the combined cycle power plant (CCPP) decreases dramatically owing to the rise of environmental temperature, which decreases the mass airflow to the compressor. Therefore, the gross power and thermal efficiency drop. Worldwide practice uncovers that gas turbines generate up to 20% less power in summer than in winter. A brief introduction of the CCPP and an analysis of the influence of ambient temperature is provided in this work. Furthermore, this essay gives an outline of the combined cycle based on several inlet air cooling technologies and why they are necessary. FULL TEXT
  • The Progress of Superconducting Magnet Designing for ITER
    Abstract: Contemporarily, fusion power shows a strong potential to address the energy crisis faced by mankind among non-traditional energy. This article will introduce ITER and its three main components, which provide the magnetic field conditions for realizing fusion reaction confinement. Specifically, the toroidal field system, the polar field system and the central solenoid system coils are discussed, including the parameters, achievable remarkable outputs etc. With the support of the generating stable and intense magnetic field, there is no doubt that ITER will play an important role in guiding the commercialization of fusion. These results offer a guideline for future magnetic field design for future magnetic confinement fusion scenarios. FULL TEXT
  • Analysis of Water Vapour Feedback and its Impact on Surface Temperature
    Abstract:The accumulation of greenhouse gases is the main reason for the global warming process. Water vapour, being one of the most abundant and powerful greenhouse gas, strongly influences the warming process in multiple ways. Despite being a greenhouse gas itself, the amount of water vapour in the atmosphere is directly related to the surface temperature of the earth. To understand the global warming process, a deeper look into water vapour and its unique positive feedback mechanism is meaningful. This paper will discuss the mechanism of water vapour feedback, the equilibrium established between the content of water vapour in the air and the surface temperature of the earth. In addition, this study will calculate the time scale and magnitude of the response of water vapour to varying (in real cases increasing) surface temperature, and qualitatively analyse how water vapour feedback would affect the global warming process by serving as an amplifier for the greenhouse effect. These results establish a mathematical model for water vapour feedback’s impact on surface temperature rise and could be used as a starting point for lab experiments and more complex analysis. Yang, S. (2023). Analysis of Water Vapour Feedback and its Impact on Surface Temperature. In E3S Web of Conferences (Vol. 424, p. 03014). EDP Sciences. FULL TEXT
  • Experimental Verification of Quantum Entanglement: Insights from EPR Paradox and Bell Tests
    Abstract: Quantum entanglement is an essential principle in quantum mechanics, illustrating the relationship between two or more spatially separated particles.This correlation has been experimentally proven through various techniques, including the entangled photon experiment. Furthermore, the breach of Bell's inequality has confirmed that entanglement represents a genuine physical occurrence, which cannot be accounted for by local hidden variables, thus highlighting the peculiar characteristics of quantum mechanics. This article aims to introduce quantum entanglement and Bell's inequality, and to discuss the experiments conducted by Alain Aspect, John Clauser, and Anton Zeilinger, which paved the way for the development of quantum information science. Additionally, this paper will explore the potential applications of quantum technology in communication, cryptography, and computing, which rely on the exceptional properties of entanglement. Cao, W. (2023). Experimental Verification of Quantum Entanglement: Insights from EPR Paradox and Bell Tests. Highlights in Science, Engineering and Technology, 64, 172-178. FULL TEXT
  • Influencing Factors and Coping Strategies of English Learning Anxiety among Chinese Non-English Major Students
    Abstract: Learning anxiety becomes a common mental problem among students nowadays. The main purpose of this article is to investigate what makes overseas Chinese students of non-English majors feel anxious about English learning and how to solve this problem and focus on the research on the English language and Chinese students that are learning in college overseas. After all, the main reason for the English learning anxiety of non-English major overseas Chinese college students is the fear of making mistakes and having tests. For the solution, it should be acted by the teachers as well as students themselves to increase learning motivation. FULL TEXT
  • An Overview of Depressive Disorder in Chinese Adolescents
    Abstract: With the promotion of examination-based education in China, Chinese adolescents are studying hard and facing the pressure of comparison and competition with others. This paper understands the etiology of current Chinese adolescent depression from physiological factors, psychological factors, and sociocultural factors. It provides the differences in using the spiritual evaluation standard manual between China and the United States, CCMD-3, and DSM-5. The purpose is to let readers better understand the comprehensive field of depression. At the same time, it makes readers not blindly believe in the psychological tools on the Internet. In addition, the Chinese government should train more psychological counselors and clinicians who can make high use of psychotherapy and physiotherapy. FULL TEXT
  • Online Harassing in Chinese Societies – Association among Harassing Behaviors, Misinformation and General Prevalence
    Abstract: This Online harassment has become a popularized form of assault in China and has caused many traumas to the current generation; however, research of online harassment in China is still in an early stage. In this study, we aimed to observe the prevalence of online harassment in Chinese mainland, and to examine the association between harassing behaviors and relevant offensive behaviors. Our topics and discussions mainly focused on fake information and related impacts. We recruited 959 participants who are Chinese citizens in different age groups located in different parts of Chinese mainland. They were asked to completed an online questionnaire consisted of 29 multiple-choice questions designed by the Pew Research center with the SRBI inc. in September 2020. Data of participants’ personal harassing experience and opinions toward certain behaviors were collected, with several nominal factors such as gender presented. In this study, 94.68% (n=908) of the participants reported that they have been harassed online, and 5.32% (n=51) reported that they never had such experience. Specifically, purposeful embarrassment was the most common form of online harassing behaviors, with ~18% (n=333) of the victims reported. Besides, 63.92% of the participants reported that others have posted fake information about them on the Internet, with the majority of the fake information focused on victim’s reputation and job performance. In addition, no association was found between phone usage and the possibility of having someone post misinformation of users. Online harassment is a common experience of Chinese citizens, as many reported that they had such experience. Our study complemented on the researches of online harassment in Chinese mainland, and emphasized the urgent need for more regulations and policies to prevent online harassment. B. Liu, and Y. Ke, “Online Harassing in Chinese Societies – Association among Harassing Behaviors, Misinformation and General Prevalence,” 7th International Symposium on Social Science (ISSS 2021), 2021, pp. 68-78, DOI: 10.26914/c.cnkihy.2021.004323.
  • The Understanding of Major Depressive Disorder: a Multidimensional Analysis from Evolution to Cognitive Neuroscience
    Abstract: From the 19th to 20th century, many different approaches to mental disorder topic have been published to promote a more informative and comprehensive understanding of Major Depressive Disorder (MDD). However, previous studies on MDD had gone in-depth on a specific area, but failed to combine the understanding of MDD in other areas. The areas include evolutionary, genetic, hormones, brain structures, brain function, and early childhood trauma. Specific inferences are drawn as to how and in what ways these areas approach on mental disorder help to solve the mystery of major depressive disorder. This article is focusing on a variety of perspectives of Major Depressive Disorder (MDD) that mentioned above and helps to educate readers who are unfamiliar with this type of mental disorder. With the joint efforts of scholars in various fields, the mental health community will have huge success in defending mental disorder. B. Xiao, “The Understanding of Major Depressive Disorder: a Multidimensional Analysis from Evolution to Cognitive Neuroscience,”2020 3rd International Conference on e-Education, e-Business and Information Management, EEIM, 2020, pp. 115-120, DOI: 10.23977/EEIM2020023.
  • Function, Development, and Challenges of COVID-19 Diagnostic Methods in Two Areas: RT-PCR Tests and Serology Tests
    Abstract: The ongoing outbreaks of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) has led to a worldwide pandemic of Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) in 2019. Nucleic Acid Tests as the current most prevalent method are able to detect the presence of SARS-CoV-2 from infected patients by comparing target viral genome sequences in high sensitivity and accuracy. Three widely applied nucleic acid methods for clinical and research purposes, including RT-PCR tests, LAMP, and CRISPR-Cas based detection, are introduced first, followed by the discussion of Antibody Tests, which are ICG and CL immunoassay tests. These two fields of COVID-19 diagnostic methods exhibit some advantages and drawbacks depending on various clinical settings. The antibody test is supplementary and complementary to other diagnostic methods while Nucleic acid tests are overall effective and rapid to diagnose infected patients for immediate treatment and isolation. The combination of these two methods may eventually control the dissemination of the COVID-19 pandemic. Diao, K., & Yu, T. (2021). Function, Development and Challenges of COVID-19 Diagnostic Methods in Two Areas: RT-PCR Tests and Serology Tests. In E3S Web of Conferences (Vol. 271). EDP Sciences.
  • COVID-19 Vaccine Comparison: How to Choose the Best Suiting Vaccine for Different Needs
    Abstract: Varied measurements have been developed to solve the COVID-19 pandemic, and one of the best ways is vaccines. This paper aims to compare different kinds of vaccines and help people or countries choose the best suitable vaccine needs based on their different needs. It provides a broader and more detailed analysis of variant vaccines on different levels. In the sequence of technology maturity, inactivated vaccines including CoronaVac, BBIBP-CorV vaccine, and WIBP-CorV vaccine, viral-based vector vaccines including AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine and Johnson & Johnson’s COVID-19 vaccine, and mRNA vaccines including Moderna vaccine and Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine have been discussed. There are several important elements of these vaccines, for example, mechanism, effectiveness, and side effects. Different criteria make a comparison. For effectiveness, in general, Moderna and Pfizer/BioNTech vaccines could be a better choice. For cost-performance ratio, the AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine is the best. As for inoculators’ age and race, old people are suggested to take CoronaVac, and Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine and CoronaVac are suitable for all races. In terms of mutant variant distribution, CoronaVac could be the best choice. Based on safety concerns, inactivated vaccines are better choices. For the developing period, mRNA vaccines win the game. In conclusion, this paper provides further directions for countries seeking the best suitable vaccine for their citizens. After comparing the main vaccines available, we provide a clear view of when countries decide. There would be specific vaccines best suit the specific needs of inoculators and countries. ACCESS FULL TEXT
  • Pneumoconiosis and Silicosis: Recent Trend and Public Health Responses
    Abstract: Pneumoconiosis, a collective term for lung diseases resulting from the inhalation of specific dusts, presents significant global public health and economic challenges1. This is particularly prevalent in traditional sectors like mining and metal industries, and emerging industries such as nuclear fuel processing. Notably, nations like China and India have over 20 million workers at risk. While awareness around pneumoconiosis has been prevalent for decades, its status as a leading occupational disease, especially in regions like China, indicates a deficiency in current mitigation policies. This essay delves into the present diagnostic and treatment measures for pneumoconiosis, its prevention strategies, worldwide trends, and the existing policies from governmental and private entities, highlighting areas for enhancement. The global resurgence of pneumoconiosis underscores the pressing need for a thorough reassessment of workplace regulations and the creation of novel standards tailored to emergent industries. Comprehensive research aimed at identifying air pollutants and associated risks in new industry workspaces is imperative. Collaborative endeavors from governmental and private sectors should focus on enhanced protective gear, workplace safety education, and comprehensive medical insurance. Innovative strategies, like forecasting potential workplace pollutants, can bridge the gap between policy enforcement and safety measures, aiming to reduce the influence of this incapacitating ailment. Chen Z. Pneumoconiosis and Silicosis: Recent Trend and Public Health Responses[J]. Highlights in Science, Engineering and Technology, 2023, 74: 1437-1444. ACCESS FULL TEXT
  • CRISPR Technology in Infectious Disease Management: Principles, Applications, and Future Challenges with Emphasis on SARS-CoV-2, HIV, and HBV
    Abstract: Retroviruses and double-stranded DNA (dsDNA) viruses enter cells by integrating their genetic materials into host DNA. During this period, the virus stays dormant and can escape host immune surveillance, which is difficult to detect and kill clinically. Thus, viral diseases, especially those caused by RNA viruses, pose a huge threat to public health. Currently, more research shows that clearing the genome of the virus has become a direct and effective way to treat viral diseases. However, viral diseases such as SARS-CoV-2 exhibit significant genetic diversity, with over 300000 mutants discovered, covering the entire genome of the virus, which greatly limits the traditional gene editing techniques for diagnosing and clearing the virus sequence. CRISPR-Cas can target multiple regions, exhibiting stronger catalytic activity compared to other gene editing methods. At present, it has been widely used in the diagnosis and treatment of viral diseases. Therefore, understanding the principles of CRISPR-Cas technologies and identifying their potential applications in viral diseases is of great significance. This paper reviews the principles of this technology and its current applications in three aspects, COVID-19, HIV, and HBV. Additionally, this paper summarizes the difficulty in applying CRISPR-Cas technology and future expectations. Han Y, Yan T, Zhang C, et al. CRISPR Technology in Infectious Disease Management: Principles, Applications, and Future Challenges with Emphasis on SARS-CoV-2, HIV, and HBV[J]. Highlights in Science, Engineering and Technology, 2023, 74: 533-540. ACCESS FULL TEXT
  • The Techniques Used on the Development of COVID-19 Vaccine
    Abstract: The COVID-19 pandemic, also known as the coronavirus pandemic, is caused by the severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2). It was first discovered in Wuhan, China, in December 2019 and continues until now, which becomes one of the deadliest pandemics in history and leads to a global recession. Thus, the production of the vaccine against SARS-CoV-2 has become extremely urgent for all countries in order to control the epidemic. Therefore, the scientific community has made rapid and significant progress in the development of vaccines against COVID-19, i.e., the entire vaccine manufacturing and production cycle has been greatly shortened. Up to now, more than 200 candidate vaccines have been created. In this paper, several vaccine technologies commonly used in the manufacture of the COVID-19 vaccine are summarized. Besides, the different technologies that have been utilized for manufacturing are introduced. Furthermore, the corresponding clinical data are listed and discussed for the sake of indicating the success or failure of the vaccine. Su, J. (2021). The Techniques Used on the Development of COVID-19 Vaccine. In E3S Web of Conferences (Vol. 271, p. 01037). EDP Sciences.
  • COVID-19: pathogenic mechanism, detection, and treatment
    Abstract: COVID-19, which broke out in 2019 in China, is caused by SARS-CoV-2. According to the latest WHO real-time statistics, as of 1:19 p.m. BST on April 22, there were 142557268 cumulative new confirmed cases of coronavirus pneumonia and 3033798 cumulative deaths worldwide. Therefore, it is significant to understand the structure and the pathogenic mechanism of SARS-CoV-2, which is helpful to understand the diagnosis and treatment of sars-cov-2. We primarily investigate related sources on Pubmed and related scholar websites. We found some antiviral drugs such as lopinavir, chloroquine, and its derivative hydroxychloroquine, remdesivir, and arbidol have great potential in the treatment of COVID-19. However, some of them have a serious adverse reaction, reminding us to use them with caution. ACCESS FULL TEXT
  • Corporate Obligations in Anti-Sexual Harassment in the Workplace: A Comparison Based on Chinese and U.S. Laws
    Abstract: A major societal issue nowadays is workplace sexual harassment. It has become increasingly important to clarify the responsibilities of enterprises further, improve legislation in related areas, and analyze the governance experiences of different countries. This paper adopts a comparative textual analysis, combining Chinese and American laws and relevant cases to show the history of changes and different ways of regulating workplace sexual harassment in both countries. Combining the advantages and disadvantages of the two, the author proposes a regulatory model centered on gender discrimination and combined with the protection of human dignity. This will provide theoretical support for establishing a sound system of ex-ante prevention and ex-post relief. At the same time, this paper provides a systematic explanation of sexual harassment in the workplace from multiple perspectives, such as the evidence system and legal and economic analysis. This article would provide new perspectives for the effective regulation of such issues. Access Full Text
  • Unveiling the Veil: Exploring the Origin, Effects, and Coping Strategies of Menstrual Stigma
    Abstract: Menstruation, also referred to as “the period,” faces pervasive stigmatization globally despite being a natural female biological process. This stigma, rooted in historical gender inequalities and fueled by misconceptions, holds significant implications. This study investigates period stigma comprehensively, exploring its origins, impacts, and potential solutions. The stigma originates from patriarchal structures and gender inequality, reinforcing harmful biases and impeding women’s career growth, exemplified by the glass ceiling effect. The resulting psychological toll on women is considerable. Efforts to combat period stigma include policy interventions, feminist movements, and NGO initiatives like United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund. This paper enhances understanding of the stigma and its consequences, proposing practical strategies to counteract it. However, limitations include the lack of qualitative and quantitative methods due to data constraints and insufficient historical sources, impacting the portrayal of its inception. In conclusion, this study illuminates the enduring complexity of period stigma, raising awareness about its harm. Synthesizing existing literature provides valuable insights into its origins, consequences, and coping mechanisms. Access Full Text
  • Deep Learning based Player Identification via Behavioral Characteristics
    Abstract: Behavioral recognition in game is a fundamental topic in data analysis. With the emerging of deep learning-based method, more and more artificial neural networks are proposed to achieve higher accuracy and robustness. This paper presents a comparison between CNN and RNN-LSTM for player identification based on player behavioral characteristics in a simple game environment. The goal is to detect potential manual cheating in competitions by recognizing unidentified players (cheaters) from their behavioral patterns. We implement a basic game, record player behaviors, and then compare the accuracy of outputs from the CNN and RNN-LSTM models. The conclusion is summarized as follow. CNN obtains 87.5% accuracy and RNN-LSTM achieves 92.3% accuracy in the simulated data. Our results indicate that the RNN-LSTM model outperforms the CNN model in terms of accuracy, making it a more suitable choice for player identification in this context. FULL TEXT
  • Analysis of Player Attitudes and Behaviors towards Different Mobile Games based on Variance
    Abstract: This article is based on a survey of farm games, MOBA arena games, women's games, asymmetric arena games, and open world games, all of which are mobile games. The data were collected through questionnaires. This paper analyzed player data for Obi Island, King of Glory, Shinning Nikki, Identity V, and Genshin Impact using analysis of Variance, One-way analysis of variance, and Pearson Analysis of Variance. The net result is a majority of women. The open-world game was the only one of the five where more than half of the players were male. Women's games require less time per day, but cost the most. Farming is a daily game that takes the most time but the least money. The conclusion of this article is that players can depend on the age of the player, the gender of the player, and the amount of time the player needs to spend per day. Players need to spend money these five aspects according to their own situation to choose suitable for their own games. Game developers can also adjust their publicity programs, plan programs, and improve their shortcomings according to the above factors. FULL TEXT
  • The Design and Synthesis of Efficiency Peptides of Binding the Neurotoxins and Extension of Peptide Libraries
    Abstract: α-neurotoxin is a toxin isolated from most of snake poison. Scientists have developed methods to neutralize the toxin and to treat the poisoning patients. Studies have found a series of peptide which make it easier to combine with α-neurotoxin. Thus, in this way, α-neurotoxin would not be available to combine with nACHR where it causes the disease. This review discusses how the researchers have design and synthesis the peptide through focusing on the sample that have a high affinity of α-neurotoxins and replacing amino acids to receive a better affinity. Moreover, the library researchers have built to further study of peptides in treatment or other potential purposes are also discussed. FULL TEXT
  • Synthesis of Different Nanoparticles for Biological Application
    Abstract: Compared with traditional materials, the application of nanomaterials in biomedical fields will bring many excellent performances. This review summarizes some new developments and applications of nanoparticles in recent years from the perspective of biology and medicine, including magnetic resonance imaging, treatment for Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes and plant infection disease, oxygen-releasing scaffolds, engineered water nanostructures (EWNS) based sanitizer, drug loading system and cancer treatment. This article summarized and discussed the synthesis methods, characterization, advantages, and applications based on these aspects. Introducing nanoparticles into biomedical fields can provide useful ideas for applying nanoparticles in biology and pharmacy in the future ​ FULL TEXT
  • Prediction of Short-term Passenger Flow in the Metro Station with CNN-LSTM Model
    Abstract: Nowadays, the overwhelming majority of people choose to go to work during commuting time, causing great pressure on the traffic system. Methods of effectively predicting the short-term passenger flow of each subway station have aroused great concern. Traditionally, the LSTM deep learning model will be commonly used to process time series data. The reason is that it not only tackles the issue of long-distance reliance that RNN cannot deal with but also solves the trouble such as gradient explosion or gradient disappearance that are common in neural networks. However, in comparison to the LSTM model, the CNN-LSTM model makes it easier to extract the characteristics of time and space. Hence, it is necessary to evaluate which model has a better capacity for predicting passenger flow in metro stations. Undoubtedly, it can be found that the CNN-LSTM model can accurately predict the daily traveler stream due to the excellent space extraction ability, through the evaluating function of MAE, MSE, and MASE. Additionally, the development forecast of passenger flow of urban transportation system is a basic work for the construction of urban transportation facilities. Therefore, its role is particularly prominent in the planning and construction of urban rail transit. Sun, Y. (2023, May). Prediction of Short-term Passenger Flow in the Metro Station with CNN-LSTM Model. In 2023 IEEE 3rd International Conference on Electronic Technology, Communication and Information (ICETCI) (pp. 1218-1222). IEEE. Access Full Text
  • Traditional and Advanced Technologies in Intelligent Transportation Systems
    Abstract: In the past decade, rapid urbanization and the increase in vehicles have worsened traffic conditions. Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) are considered an ideal solution to optimize urban transportation and tackle traffic challenges. This article comprehensively discusses the current development of basic and new technologies used in ITS. It includes specific subdivisions for these technologies, their application in ITS, as well as current and potential future challenges. The review indicates that vehicle-to-everything (V2X) communication technology is increasingly focused on the advancement of Cellular V2X (C-V2X). Sensor technology research and development has reached a high level of maturity. Reinforcement learning as a robust machine learning algorithm, is being extensively applied in traffic management. The article also provides examples of recent research-based applications using these technologies and explores potential directions for their future development. These reviews and analyses can serve as practical references for traffic managers and researchers working on further advancements in ITS. Zhu, L. (2024). Traditional and Advanced Technologies in Intelligent Transportation Systems. Highlights in Science, Engineering and Technology, 83, 696-702. Access Full Text
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