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Co-host Conference

As a partner, GEC-ASI aims to collaboratively work with the conference organizing committee to the quality improvement of the conference, preparing promotion materials, organizing the conference, reviewing abstracts and full papers, evaluating conference presentations, providing resource persons to the conference and so on. We believe that academic conference is an important platform for scholars to exchange research results, key topics, build teamwork, and promote academic standards.

Image by Chris Montgomery

Why are Academic Conferences Important?

The academic conference is an important part of an academic's life. Attending a conference is a fantastic opportunity for all participants to learn about the most recent studies and ideas in their subject of interest. Conferences also provide opportunities for face-to-face contacts with thought leaders in the area, as well as crucial advice and mentorship for those just starting out in academics.


Why should you  Choose GEC-ASI as a Co-host?

Built upon the educational philosophy of research-oriented learning as well as project-based learning and focusing on curriculum development and teaching implementation, GEC, together with more than 1,000 well-known professors and high-quality educational resources around the world, emphasizes on cultivating future-oriented international talents. We have hundred of students who have attended international conferences and formally presented their work in front of the audience. 


Our Past Experience as a Co-host

GEC Future Education, together with IEEE, Sunshine College, and Guangzhou Computer Society, jointly hold the 2021 IEEE International Conference on Computer Science, Electronic Information Engineering and Intelligent Control Technology (CEI 2021). The conference invited a number of IEEE researchers as speakers, including Professor Levent Sevgi from ISTANBUL OKAN University, Professor Ricardo Baeza-Yates from Northeastern University, and Professor Li-Chun Wang from Taiwan. 

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