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“GEC Friends” and “GEC London Office Diary” Series Officially Published!

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Starting from May 2023, GEC Academy has launched two exciting new series on the WeChat Official Account - "GEC Friends" and "GEC London Office Diary". These weekly-updated series showcase stories of GEC’s teaching faculty in the United States and the United Kingdom, providing students and other interested individuals with access to the latest information about overseas universities, as well as entertaining and informative tales about GEC's collaborating professors and their project-based programs at GEC. This initiative demonstrates GEC Academy's commitment to providing valuable educational resources and fostering international connections within collaborating teaching faculty.

GEC Friends

GEC London Office Diary

Over the past six months, colleagues from the GEC London office, including Anastasia Zhou, the Teaching and Research Manager who was temporarily assigned there for half a year, have visited over 40 teaching faculty members in the UK. During Anastasia's visits, she had many insightful conversations with our professors, and we wanted to preserve these beautiful memories. That's why we launched the "GEC London Office Diary" column, which is updated every Tuesday. We shared stories with our readers about delivering invitation letters for the 2023 Summer Research Program to professors, enjoying Chinese Hotpot with them, experiencing dinner at Magdalen College, Oxford University, etc.


While the "GEC London Office Diary" is about stories with UK professors, the "GEC Friends" Series centers on our teaching faculty in the US.


Led by Edison Yan, President of GEC Academy, and Wendy Wang, Director of GEC Academy's Teaching and Research Department, the GEC Visiting Team finished their first campus tour in the US in late April. They visited around 70 professors from over 20 universities, and the reunion after the pandemic brought many profound insights and remarkable stories.


To capture the essence of our unforgettable experiences, we are excited to present the "GEC Friends" series, which takes two primary forms. Every Monday, we release captivating articles that showcase the personal stories of GEC Academy professors. These articles highlight their exceptional experiences in GEC classes and provide insights into how they got to know GEC Academy, as well as their expectations for the upcoming 2023 Summer Research Program.


On Fridays, we release fascinating videos that showcase the picturesque campus scenery, conversations between the GEC visiting team and professors, and Edison Yan's informative introduction to various American universities. These videos offer a glimpse into the heart of life at GEC Academy.

GEC Friends-Videos

The "GEC Friends" and "GEC London Office Diary" series have gathered a lot of attention and positive feedback since their publication. Numerous GEC colleagues and students have forwarded these articles and videos, some of which have been shared over 1000 times. These two series are continuously updated to provide our readers with rich information on the interaction between GEC and our teaching faculty. We strive to keep our content fresh and engaging for our readers.

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