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Celebrating the Achievement of the 2023 Summer Research Program

Develop. Grow. Succeed.

After weeks of unwavering dedication, GEC is thrilled to announce the triumphant conclusion of the 2023 GEC Summer Research Program. This milestone carries a special significance as it marks our return to hosting large-scale on-site events since the outbreak of COVID-19. In this engaging retrospective journey, we wholeheartedly celebrate the exceptional contributions of our esteemed teaching faculty, who came from afar to inspire and nurture our students' minds. It's their unwavering commitment to education that has brought us to this remarkable point. We also want to express our heartfelt appreciation for the tireless dedication of our hardworking staff members, who worked diligently behind the scenes to ensure the program ran seamlessly.

GEC Academy’s Summer Research Program was enriched by the expertise and dedication of our distinguished professors. These accomplished academics shared their knowledge and passion with our students, guiding them through a transformative learning experience. This mentorship paved the way for groundbreaking research and valuable insights.

​The heart of the Summer Research Program beats with the enthusiasm and commitment of our talented students. This summer, over 3,000 students chose to join more than 160 onsite GEC programs and collaborate with top scholars from diverse fields. Their unwavering pursuit of academic excellence and thirst for knowledge shone throughout the program. They collaborated, innovated, and conducted research that promises to shape the future. Hence, the intensive summer days of scientific exploration witnessed every student's remarkable personal growth and development. Their perseverance and determination in facing challenges were truly inspiring.

Behind the scenes, the program's success was also made possible by the diligent and dedicated GEC staff members. From logistical support to administrative tasks, the GEC team worked tirelessly to ensure a smooth and enriching experience for both students and the teaching faculty.

As we reflect on the journey we've embarked on, our sincere gratitude goes out to each individual who played an integral role, especially GEC’s teaching faculty, in shaping the success of this program. Together, we've established a lasting legacy in education, and we eagerly anticipate the promising horizons that lie ahead.


Looking forward, building on the success of the 2023 Summer Research Program, GEC Academy is also gearing up for the 2024 Winter Research Program, scheduled from January 28th to February 6th, 2024 in Beijing, Guangzhou, and Shenzhen. If you're interested and available to participate in the 2024 GEC Winter Research Program, please don't hesitate to reach out to your academic manager. For new professors, feel free to contact our outreach specialist, Katrina, at

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