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Commitment and Innovation at the Heart of GEC’s Dongdaihe Getaway

Develop. Grow. Succeed.

On June 6th and 7th, the GEC Teaching & Research Center, along with the ASI Global team hosted our quarterly review meeting in the picturesque coastal town of Dongdaihe, Liaoning - celebrated as China’s first royal marine area. This gathering provided us with a valuable opportunity to reflect on our achievements in the first half of 2024, strategize for future successes, and encourage the exchange of ideas across departments. Beyond the review meeting, we would also like to give everyone a chance to unwind and experience the breathtaking coastal scenery, making for a refreshing and inspiring retreat.

The Tranquil Coastal Scene of Dongdaihe


Upon arrival, we kicked off the afternoon with a seafood lunch, followed by a comprehensive review meeting. This session offered a dynamic platform for in-depth discussions and collaborative problem-solving. The Academic Management Team and the Innovative Education and Curriculum Center highlighted their challenges, such as the course management issues and cross-departmental collaboration in online projects, while presenting actionable solutions and future plans. The Academic Branding team then introduced their current focus on new media operations and invited everyone to brainstorm on how to leverage existing resources for breakthroughs and expanding GEC’s brand influence. The Global Competence Development team showcased their key workshop products and outlined their future priorities, sparking insightful discussions and exchanges. The meeting room buzzed with energy as we engaged in vibrant exchanges, offering diverse perspectives and robust solutions.

As the sun set, we transitioned from formal discussions to a lively beachside BBQ party, which was a perfect blend of camaraderie, laughter, and relaxation. We savored delicious grilled seafood and other delicacies while enjoying the stunning ocean views. As twilight deepened, a spectacular fireworks display lit up the night sky, leaving everyone in awe.


Delicious Seafood Lunch and Tempting Barbecue Party

Gorgeous Firework Display

The following morning brought a new wave of excitement with spirited beach games that got everyone moving and laughing. The highlight of the day was a psychology game with “OH Cards,” where participants randomly chose cards and engaged in a story relay. This activity brought out everyone’s creativity, resulting in humorous and imaginative stories that had everyone in stitches.

Pleasant Beach Game Time and Hilarious Storytelling Relay


As we wrap up our unforgettable adventure in Dongdaihe, we’re inspired by the bonds we’ve strengthened and the new ideas we’ve discovered. We hope that everyone in GEC can embrace an open-minded, supportive, and creative mindset, not just for our students, faculty, and staff, but for each other. Looking ahead, we’re excited to bring more opportunities for fun and connection to different cities, providing everyone with the opportunity to experience joy beyond work and fostering an environment where everyone feels valued. At GEC, every individual is essential, and we’re committed to creating a workplace where passion and creativity thrive.

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