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GEC Academic Writing Instructors Gatherings in Beijing and Shanghai

Develop. Grow. Succeed.

To better connect with teachers working at GEC, during the past few months, we held two gatherings in both Beijing and Shanghai and invited all Academic Writing Instructors who are based near the areas to join us. GEC Academic Writing Instructors are a group of young scholars, who are usually junior researcher/Post-doc/Ph.D. candidate, responsible for helping GEC students improve their ability in presenting their ideas clearly and logically in writing and learn how to properly write a research paper in English.

Edison (Sheng) Yan, representing GEC, attended both gatherings. At the gatherings, participants shared with each other their teaching experience at GEC and discussed with Yan with regards to potential improvements in GEC Academic Writing Course. The gathering opened a conversation for the participants to share how they can support each other and advance in their networking.

As confirmed by Yan, this type of gathering was a unique and incredible opportunity to network with peers about their experiences working at GEC. We believe this type of experience is invaluable for both our teachers and GEC.

We sincerely hope that the same type of gathering can be held onsite for our professors very soon in the future!

Gathering of GEC Academic Writing Instructors in Shanghai

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