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The First GEC Quarter Birthday Bash Returns for 2024!

Develop. Grow. Succeed.

On March 28, 2024, GEC Academy was bustling with excitement as we hosted a delightful birthday celebration for every GECer born in the first quarter of the year at GEC Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Suzhou, Tianjin, and Chengdu offices simultaneously. We presented carefully curated, lovely gifts, expressing our care and appreciation for each birthday star. For our colleagues stationed outside these cities, GEC made sure to send our birthday gifts by mail. We deeply believe that every GECer is unique and deserving of a special celebration, which is why we eagerly host these gatherings year after year. This seasonal event is our heartfelt way of showing appreciation and spreading joy amidst our busy workdays. It's also a meaningful opportunity for us to express our respect and value for each hardworking GECer.

The Birthday Cake and Well-Prepared Delicacies

At this year's spring birthday celebration, we went all out to prepare this visually stunning and appetite-satisfying feast that delighted all attendees. The setting was artistically adorned with a harmonious fusion of warmth and entertainment, offering a lavish spread of delectable treats, including mouth-watering cakes, exquisite pastries, and a variety of enticing specialty snacks.

Snacks and Sweeties for the Birthday Bash

The event culminated in a series of ingeniously devised games, such as the Draw and Guess, Shuttlecock Kicking, Pitch-pot Game, all of which captured every participant’s enthusiasm. The Pitch-pot Game, especially inspired by the traditional Chinese game “Touhu”, added an exceptionally thrilling element as players aimed arrows at a distant pot to score points. As part of the game, we prepared a range of delightful and lovely gifts for each participant, trying to offer a moment of relaxation and enjoyment in our hectic work lives.

Group Photos at the First Quarter Birthday Festivity

GECers are at the heart of everything we do, and they are the driving force behind everything we accomplish. Therefore, we are committed to fostering an inclusive GEC community where every individual feels truly valued and appreciated, whether they are based in bustling cities or remote locations, and no matter their roles within GEC. Looking forward, we’ll continue to remain dedicated to celebrating the diverse talents and backgrounds of each GECer by organizing such events and activities, striving to build a society where every voice is heard and every person is empowered to succeed.

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