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Journey into the World of Cybersecurity and IoT

Oct 18, 2023

Develop. Grow. Succeed.

On October 18th, GEC Academy successfully hosted the Global Top Scientists Forum on the theme of The Future of Cybersecurity and the Internet of Things (IoT) delivered by Dr. Osman Yağan, a Research Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Carnegie Mellon University. This enlightening online open lecture covered the current hot topics in the fields of cybersecurity and IoT, attracting a diverse audience primarily comprised of university students specializing in computer science. It provided a detailed introduction to the current landscape of cybersecurity and IoT, engaging participants in immersive discussions regarding the novel opportunities and formidable challenges that permeate these two prominent domains.


Dr. Yağan, the keynote speaker of the October Global Top Scientists Forum, is not only a Senior Member of IEEE, but also an active member of the Technical Program Committee member of several international conferences, including IEEE GLOBECOM, PIMRC, ICC, and WiOpt. His research interests encompass modeling, design, and performance evaluation of engineering systems with particular emphasis on communication systems and networks, including topics such as wireless communications, security, random graphs, social and information networks, and cyber-physical systems. Furthermore, Dr. Yağan has cultivated a longstanding partnership with GEC, collaborating on a multitude of projects both online and offline, and spearheading project-based learning programs in various Computer Science domains. These programs cover diverse subjects such as Introduction to Machine Learning and Data Science, Introduction to Multi-armed Bandit Algorithms, Analytical Design and Performance Evaluation, and etc.

Dr. Yağan introducing lecture overview

The entire forum is centered around two primary themes: network security and the Internet of Things (IoT).


When shedding light on the current panorama of cybersecurity, he pointed out that in recent years, cybersecurity has faced complex and ever-evolving challenges, including but not limited to the growing frequency and severity of attacks, rampant ransomware, the escalating cost of cybercrime, expanding scope of network attacks, as well as the scarcity of cybersecurity professionals. He also introduced the role of artificial intelligence in cybersecurity, the main challenges facing data privacy, the paradigm of "Zero Trust Security," and the emerging field of social cybersecurity. He mentioned that while AI-driven automation technology has undeniably improved the speed and efficiency of detecting attacks, it has also engendered a host of challenges, such as limitations in explanation and fairness.

Dr. Yağan sharing the role of AI in cybersecurity and the new paradigm of Zero Trust Security

While talking about IoT, Dr. Yağan delved into the essence and evolving trends of IoT, elucidated the pivotal role played by AI in this technological domain. He also introduced the concept of "Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)," and explored the inherent security and privacy concerns regarding IoT. Dr. Yağan emphasized how IoT technology has enriched human life with manifold benefits, including home automation devices, agriculture, transportation, manufacturing, and healthcare monitoring. However, he also pointed out the new challenges posed by IoT technology, particicularly in the realms of security and privacy. To solve the problems out, he proposed several strategies to tackle these challenges, including establishing transparent mechanisms for privacy protection, formulating more comprehensive policies and regulations, and clearly defining which data can be collected and shared with other entities.

Dr. Yağan explaining the definition, applications and significance of IoT

Followed by a lively Q&A session where students engaged in an in-depth discussion with Dr. Yağan on topics such as data security issues in IoT technology, the relationship between IoT and ChatGPT, and potential career pathways in the field of cybersecurity, the forum came to a close. Dr. Yağan summarized that there is a vast array of untapped opportunities awaiting exploration within the realms of cybersecurity and IoT. He then emphasized the promising prospects for aspiring students, asserting that cybersecurity is poised to become a high-demand field in the coming years, making it an excellent career choice for those interested.

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