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CEI - OB Initiative: GEC Running New Experiment on Feedback with Professor from CJBS in February

June 15, 2023 UPDATED 12:17 AM. GMT+8

This month, GEC Academy will run a social experiment on feedback together with a professor at Cambridge Judge Business School, as a project of Collaborative Experimentation Initiative for Organizational Behavior (CEI - OB Initiative), aiming to study organizational behavior in organizations and to build a better work environment. It is the first experiment since GEC Academy and Cambridge Judge Business School formally signed the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on Behavioral Research Collaboration. More details of the experiment can be found in this FLYER.


Co-directed and co-founded by GEC Academy and Cambridge Judge Business School in October 2021, the CEI-OB Initiative (Collaborative Experimentation Initiative for Organizational Behavior) was established to provide a fundamental research platform to support the scientific development of Organizational Behavior (OB) studies. With a mutual interest in research, development, education and technology transfer, GEC Academy and the Cambridge Judge Business School made an MOU last July to undertake a collaboration in the area of behavioral research on a non-commercial basis, including joint experimental/behavioral research projects, participation pool establishment, experiment debrief zoom meeting, etc., and to seek solutions for global business, industrial and social problems.


Launched to connect students with top researchers across the world, this initiative allows students to participate in research projects with a variety of front-edge topics. So far, GEC has conducted two collaborative experiments - Leadership Preference Study by the end of 2021, and Survey about Daily Work Structure in early 2022. These joint experiment projects have provided student researchers with additional learning experiences and networking opportunities. With the diverse participant pool provided by GEC, CEI-OB aspires to further contribute to the understanding of human psychology and behaviors at the workplace.

CALL for Research Collaborations!

Over the past few years, GEC has made great efforts to promote university-industry collaboration and create research opportunities for students, young scholars, and teachers. And we are more than happy to work with our faculty and partner institutions and explore any possibility for collaborations in research. Till now, we have connected hundreds of research participants and assistants, and young scholars with professors and institutions. If you need to, for example, recruit student volunteers or research assistants for your research, or simply an idea for research collaboration or experiment collaboration, please contact Katie Wang at

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