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GEC Hosted Future-oriented International Scientific and Innovative Talent Cultivation Forum at CACIE 2023

By Yiran Zhuo, research fellow of ASI Global

November 15, 2023 UPDATED 12:17 AM. GMT+8

The 24th China Annual Conference & Expo for International Education (CACIE) unfolded its success from October 26 to 28, 2023, at Beijing National Convention Center. Organized by the China Education Association for International Exchange (CEAIE), CACIE responded to the call of the United Nations Education Summit with the compelling theme, “Advance and Connect: Converging the Power of Education.” This dynamic conference not only decoded the latest international education policies and global developmental trends in China and beyond but also emerged as a nexus for over 5,000 educators and industry influencers from more than 50 countries and regions, demonstrating a shared commitment to advancing education on a global scale.

Hosted by CEAIE, the Future-oriented International Scientific and Innovative Talent Cultivation Forum was a collaborative effort involving the GEC Academy, GEC Advanced Studies Institute (GEC-ASI) and Shanghai Jiao Tong University - GEC Academy Center of Innovative Design for Interdisciplinary Studies. This parallel session delved into the global development of scientific and innovative talents, touching on themes like industry-education integration, educational system advancement, international cooperation, and the creation of platforms for technological innovation. As an inclusive exchange platform, the forum aimed to facilitate meaningful collaboration among domestic and international academic institutions, as well as businesses, with the objective to provide a more diverse, effective, and innovative approach to cultivating globally-oriented scientific and innovative talent.

Ms. An giving a speech during the sharing (Picture released by CEAIE)

The forum saw its opening ceremony presided over by Ms. Yan An, Deputy Secretary-General of CEAIE. Ms. An underscored the pivotal research focus on leveraging the strengths of government, businesses, and universities to nurture science and innovation talents with global competitiveness. She highlighted the strategic collaboration between CEAIE and GEC forged last year, “This collaborative effort actively promotes exchange and cooperation in cultivating scientific and innovative talents among domestic universities, establishing a platform for international communication within the education industry and making substantive contributions to the progress of international education cooperation and exchange”, she said.

Mr. Yan giving a speech during the sharing (Picture released by CEAIE)

Mr. Sheng Yan, Executive Director of GEC-ASI, underscored GEC’s unwavering commitment to cultivating globally-minded scientific and innovative talent. Highlighting GEC’s substantial efforts in delivering high-quality international talent development and cooperative exchange programs, he noted the collaborations with over 1,000 professors and scholars from world-class universities. These initiatives have benefitted over 100 domestic universities, secondary schools, vocational colleges, and tens of thousands of Chinese students and teachers. Since its establishment, GEC has been at the forefront of fostering global collaborations and delivering impactful educational programs. Looking ahead, Mr. Yan emphasized, “GEC will continue to coordinate integrated development, enhance connectivity and sharing, and focus on breakthrough innovation, with an aim to cultivate more talents with international perspectives, interdisciplinary integration capabilities, and a spirit of scientific and innovative entrepreneurship.”

Professor Schekman giving a speech during the sharing (Picture released by CEAIE)

In his video address, Professor Randy W. Schekman, Nobel Laureate and Professor of Molecular and Cell Biology at the University of California, Berkeley emphasized the crucial role of scientific and technological innovation in nurturing specialized talents. Professor Schekman highlighted the importance of fostering creativity in students during their teenage years. He said, “in the teenage years, students should be challenged to do their own creative explorations with simple, independent projects on and displays that are exhibited for other students and family members to enjoy it”.

Professor Malliaras giving a speech during the sharing (Picture released by CEAIE)

“I believe that the cultivation of talent for technological innovation is a multifaceted effort that requires the collective commitment of individuals, of educational institutions, of businesses, and governments.” Professor George Malliaras, the Prince Philip Professor of Technology at the University of Cambridge, articulated a comprehensive perspective on crucial role of education in talent development, urging adaptive measures in educational institutions to align with the dynamic landscape of technology and innovation. Prof. Malliaras also underscored the essential components of mentorship and collaboration in nurturing talent, encouraging experienced professionals and organizations to actively engage with emerging talent by providing guidance, resources, and real-world experience. He highlighted the imperative of creating an innovation-friendly environment. This involves not only acknowledging and celebrating the achievements of innovators but also establishing policies and frameworks that support entrepreneurship and research and development.

Dr. Marcel giving a speech during the sharing (Picture released by CEAIE)

Dr. Pop Marcel, Director of International Relations at Semmelweis University, eloquently underscored the importance of cultivating a cross-cultural exchange and learning environment, drawing on the example of Semmelweis University. With evident delight, Dr. Marcel expressed his enthusiasm about the potential to forge a strong partnership with GEC Academy. This partnership, he noted, represents a significant stride toward the cultivation of global leaders and the shaping of the future landscape of international healthcare and education. The emphasis on collaborative efforts and shared visions is poised to create a meaningful impact in the realms of academia and beyond.

Several experts were invited to give keynote speeches during the session. 

Professor Hermanowicz giving a speech during the sharing (Picture released by CEAIE)

Diving into the question of “Will international education thrive?” Professor Slav W. Hermanowicz, Professor in the Graduate School at UC Berkeley, offered a comprehensive analysis. Drawing upon recent research reports and data, he illuminated the current state of international education, navigating through a landscape of both challenges and opportunities. Offering a set of strategic proposals, Prof. Hermanowicz outlined pathways for fostering high-quality and sustainable development in international education. In his exploration of various teaching methodologies, he highlighted the transformative impact of scientific and technological advancements, such as the metaverse, virtual reality, and ChatGPT. These innovations, according to him, have opened unprecedented avenues for international education. Notably, he emphasized the crucial necessity of harnessing these cutting-edge technologies to provide essential support to international education. This involves the effective integration of real and virtual teaching environments, a paradigm shift aimed at delivering enhanced educational resources and support to students, thereby cultivating a more diverse, globalized, and enriching learning experience.

Mr. Hou giving a speech during the sharing (Picture released by CEAIE)

Mr. Gang Hou, Deputy Director of GEC-ASI, elucidated the foundational principles of the institute, underscoring its pivotal role in international industry-education integration. Emphasizing successful collaborations in educational partnerships and the establishment of educational communities, Mr. Hou detailed GEC-ASI’s initiatives across seven key areas. These encompass the creation of a globally connected education network, the enhancement of educational service capabilities, the promotion of industry-education collaboration, the driving force behind research and innovation, the encouragement of civil exchanges, and the establishment of novel educational cooperation networks. Mr. Hou also emphasized the GEC-ASI’s responsibility to society and its dedication to upholding the core values of collective thinking.

GEC Academy Received the Platinum Partner Award from President Limin Liu of CEAIE

After several speeches given by the experts, two roundtable sessions were conducted, addressing topics such as “Industry-Education Integration and the Cultivation of Scientific and Innovative Talent: A Collaboration of Universities, Government, and Industry” and “Future-Oriented International Scientific and Innovative Talent Training: Collaborative Strategies.” The discussions in both forums were insightful, blending theory with practical insights. All the participants reached the consensus on the crucial importance of actively promoting industry-education integration and fostering globally-oriented scientific and innovative talent across different educational stages.

Group Photo of the Forum (Picture released by CEAIE)

As a crucial element of CACIE, the signing of the strategic cooperation agreement between GEC Academy and the Suzhou Industrial Park Development Promotion Association illuminated the night during the GEC Evening Gala. Representing both entities, Mr. Sheng Yan, President of GEC Academy and Executive Director of GEC-ASI, and Mr. Yuan Shen, Secretary-General of the Suzhou Industrial Park Development Promotion Association, formally sealed the strategic partnership. This signing ceremony signifies the commitment of both parties to deeper exploration and collaboration in advancing industry-education integration and collaborative talent cultivation models, aiming to jointly establish an international cooperation network for scientific research and applied technology education innovation.

Signing Ceremony of GEC Academy and the Suzhou Industrial Park Development Promotion Association (Picture released by CEAIE)

Looking ahead, GEC Academy is dedicated to advancing high-level international educational exchange and fostering deep cooperation while actively engaging in cultural exchanges. Our commitment extends to driving the integration of industry and education, harmonizing science and education, and forging deeper collaborations across industry, education, and research to cultivate well-rounded individuals. Positioned as a dynamic force in international educational exchange and cooperation, GEC will continue to significantly contribute to the cultivation of globally innovative talents and propel the development of high-quality education. With a shared commitment, we eagerly anticipate shaping the landscape of international education, ushering in a new era of excellence, and continuously striving towards the common goal of preparing the next generation for a globally competitive future.

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