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ISTIME in Focus: GEC Set to Co-Host iCANX Davos Summit 2024 in July

By Yiran Zhuo, research fellow of ASI Global

April 15, 2024 UPDATED 12:17 AM. GMT+8

We're thrilled to share that GEC Academy will be co-hosting the iCANX Davos Summit on July 11-12th, 2024, in Davos, Switzerland. This summit is set to shine a spotlight on groundbreaking innovations and cutting-edge discoveries in Innovation, Science, Technology, Investment, Management, and Entrepreneurship (ISTIME). It will be a vibrant stage, bringing together leading academics, scientists, researchers, innovators, and civil society representatives to showcase their latest achievements, insights, and leadership in the ISTIME fields. As part of our co-hosting efforts, GEC will hold a parallel session on AI+: Frontiers, Trends and Talents Nurturing in Innovative AI Development during the summit.

A Glimpse into Past iCANX Davos Summits: Images Sourced from iCANX

The upcoming iCANX Davos Summit 2024 will gather global talents from the ISTIME field to catalyze global science and technology advancement through collaborative innovation and knowledge exchange. We are delighted to partner with iCANX to sponsor and cohost the summit, recognizing exceptional contributions to research in innovation, science, and entrepreneurship, as well as showcasing excellence and innovation among researchers and encouraging further advancements and collaborations. For more details about the summit, please visit the official iCANX website here.

A Glimpse into Past iCANX Davos Summits: Images Sourced from iCANX

GEC has been committed to driving scientific and academic research in the ISTIME fields since our establishment in 2016. And we’ve developed numerous initiatives and projects, including the Global Competence Development Project and the monthly Global Top Scientists Forum, and have collaborated with renowned universities worldwide to establish global joint innovative talent cultivation centers, university-level joint research centers, and international joint laboratories.

A Glimpse into Past iCANX Davos Summits: Images Sourced from iCANX

Building on our extensive practical experience, our upcoming parallel session will explore the societal impact of AI technology, examining how AI positively influences various domains, including engineering design, manufacturing science and technology, energy science, life science, public health, etc. We have also invited scholars, experts, scientists, and officials from international organizations from the interdisciplinary field of AI worldwide, alongside distinguished guests such as Prof. Randy W. Schekman, the 2013 Nobel Laureate in Physiology or Medicine, who has delivered several enlightening lectures at previous GEC Global Top Scientists Forums, and Ms. Angela Kane, former UN High Representative for Disarmament Affairs and Under-Secretary-General for Management in the United Nations. They will join us to explore the forefront and trends of relevant disciplines, as well as how to introduce effective governance mechanisms in AI applications to promote its healthy development and maximize its potential. We expect that this event will provide a networking opportunity for young scholars and scientists from various sectors and dimensions to exchange experiences and share the latest developments in their fields, shaping a future world guided by principles of humanity, scientific progress, and technological innovation.


  • For GEC Faculty and Teaching Fellow

If you would like to share your invaluable insights regarding ISTIME with event participants, we would be delighted to hear from you. Please feel free to contact us at your earliest convenience if you’d like to join us at the iCANX Davos Summit.

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